We believe in a world unbound by geography or past experiences, where creativity is driven by a shared passion for inspiring others, and boundaries are meant to be broken.

Borderless creativity

These days, it takes a lot to get customers’ attention. People want to feel something. They want to be pushed a little bit further each day – and we want to help them get there. We go beyond our creative limits, collaborating from across our desks and our 4 global offices. By combining true consumer talent and deep healthcare expertise, we put an interesting spin on our work that is genuinely refreshing.

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Natural storytellers

It shouldn’t be a surprise that storytelling is an integral part of our process. We love stories and we believe in their power to inspire – to create change. Our name, Moon Rabbit, says it all. It comes from an ancient myth and it inspired us to approach advertising differently. Every channel our customers engage with is a unique canvas to satisfy their needs through rich storytelling and meaningful experiences.

The legend
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Look at the Moon. What do you see?
A rabbit perhaps churning for thee.
The elixir of life given sans fee

There’s an ancient story regarding a particularly hard-working rabbit who lives on the moon. The legend originated in Asian cultures but other stories of a rabbit living on the moon can be found in various other myth systems. So, what – or who – is the moon rabbit? If you take a look at the marking on the moon, you might see the outline of a rabbit working with a mortar and pestle. According to the legend, this rabbit is a companion to the moon goddess Chang’e and is tirelessly brewing the Elixir of Life for her, asking for nothing in return. What could prompt this selfless act of alchemical wonder? We like to believe the moon rabbit was simply a good friend – a partner – who took pride in its job and wanted to see it done right. We love that attitude and hope to bring more of that commitment and passion to the world.

Strategy that solves

Strategy is our foundation and our strategic approach doesn’t just uncover insights, it applies them to every project we work on. We’re all strategists, regardless of department, and we combine intimate knowledge of our brands with insightful cultural and professional trends to deliver compelling solutions to your real business problems.

For the list lovers

Here's a tidy view of what we do at Moon Rabbit:

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Interactive
  • Customer Experience
  • Consumer
  • Health
  • Brand Identity
  • Content

Veteran leadership

Our leadership is connected with the day-to-day work, collaborating with our clients and our team to elevate our creative output.

Photo of John Tenaglia

John Tenaglia Managing Partner, Client Services (USA)

Ambitious and enterprising, John wanted to begin his career as a Managing Director for an advertising agency...

Ambitious and enterprising, John wanted to begin his career as a Managing Director for an advertising agency in London. He received a polite no from his then-boss, but that hasn’t stopped John from having a Borderless mindset.

Instead, John happily took his entry level position in traffic. He became exposed to every role within the agency, giving him an inside look at what it really takes for an agency and a brand to succeed.

Today, he is the Managing Partner, Client Services at Moon Rabbit. He brings over 16 years of experience in integrated healthcare marketing, advertising, and consulting. He thrives on collaboration with his clients and believes that the only way to continually elevate his brands is with the same Borderless mindset he started with.

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James Tinker | Managing Partner, Client Services (SGP)

Michael Banner | Managing Partner, Strategy