Glaucoma Franchise Campaign Art Glaucoma Franchise Campaign Art

The Allergan glaucoma franchise consists of 3 drops, each designed to provide top-of-market efficacy with lower rates of AEs and general tolerability issues than other branded and generic competitors. The promotion for the brands was to win the IOP-lowering battle.


Share was on the decline because despite clinical advantages, ECPs were selecting inferior generics due to cost and ease of prescribing. We needed a way to elevate the value of our drops and define where that value was most urgent.

Lumigan Campaign Art
Allergan Eye Care - Combigan Campaign Art
Allergan Eye Care - Alphagan P Campaign Art


The challenge in treating glaucoma isn’t lowering IOP, it’s managing the patient who needs to now take eye drops for the rest of their life. Drops that have variable dosing regimens, side effects, and often poor compliance.


Shift focus from efficacy to how our drops resolve the patient burden issue.

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