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Guardant360 CDx is a liquid-biopsy Comprehensive Genomic Profile Diagnostic for cancer patients. 
It identifies all the known genetic markers a cancer might express to allow for more accurate treatment decisions.


Despite the potential for broader genomic information that can lead to more target-specific treatments options or even help to select the right chemo and immunotherapies, oncologists rarely use CGP. They consider tissue-based biopsy genomic testing as the gold standard, as it is believed to be more accurate.

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While liquid CGP made intellectual sense, we uncovered a deeper emotional insight Oncologists rely on their present treatment patterns when trying to balance the need to make the best decisions with the need to stay ahead of the cancer with the patient's need for immediate action. Unsure of how to move forward with CGP testing, the oncologist remains stuck in their habitual mode of testing and treating, with hopes of being able to keep up with the progressive nature of cancer.

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Treating at the speed of cancer. We needed to reinforce that we weren’t just selling a faster test, a more accurate test or even a test that provided more accurate information, but rather, that we were helping them solve their most immediate problem: faster, more actionable treatment planning. Treating at the speed of cancer acknowledges that cancer never stops, patients cannot wait, and cancer care is fast and complex. And combining that with Guardant360 CDx, oncologists could build more accurate treatment plans, allowing them to stay ahead of the cancer instead of reacting to the cancer.

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